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‘Round The World Q&A

As a person – especially as an American – who took extended time to travel around the world, you get a lot of questions.  From friends and family at home of course but also from those on the road.  There are not many Americans out there quitting good jobs, leaving houses, cars, friends, comforts…leaving “home”…to […]

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RTW 2012 – The Long Way Home

In March, my sister and I decided to take a trip.  At the time, I was really in the mood to get away for a bit and Amber needs to get out and see more of the world.  And, like a lot of siblings, we haven’t spent enough time together the past few years so […]

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Travel “Resume”

I needed to gather a list of countries visited the last 10 years for my Russian visa application – so I gave it some thought and put this “resume” together.  I’ve never really been a country counter but reviewing this list makes me want to get to 100 in pretty short order… The list below is […]

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