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Trans-Mongolian Railway, Pt. 3

Irkutsk to Moscow 72 hours. On a train. I began this part of the journey as an idiot. For some reason, I never picked up on the fact that all trains in Russia depart on Moscow time, rather than the local time at each station. (Even though my friend Emillio might have mentioned something about this […]

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Trans-Mongolian Railway, Pt. 2

Ulaanbaator, Mongolia to Irkutsk, Russia I left Mongolia with frozen toes and dreams of a cabin to myself.  Boarding the train for what would be a 2 night ride I found I would be sharing the cabin with two Japanese ladies on their way to Russia for business. What was cool, they spoke English and were really […]

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Trans-Mongolian Railway, Pt. 1

The Trans-Mongolian Railway. An epic train journey.  Aside from my chosen route of cutting across Mongolia, this is essentially the more traditional Trans-Siberan train route connecting Europe with the far east. 6 days of total train travel to go the almost 8,000K from Beijing to Moscow. If a person really wanted to explore Europe and […]

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