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Around the World – In Pictures

Around the world in pictures – featuring a G.C. Cansler Version of “Be Thou My Vision”.    

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‘Round The World Q&A

As a person – especially as an American – who took extended time to travel around the world, you get a lot of questions.  From friends and family at home of course but also from those on the road.  There are not many Americans out there quitting good jobs, leaving houses, cars, friends, comforts…leaving “home”…to […]

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Mise En Place

Mise En Place – A chefs way of saying preparation – like having onions, carrots and celery at the ready to knock out a stock or sauce.  In the travel sense, Mise En Place is my gear.  Everything I’ve prepared to bring to travel through conditions like the beaches of Thailand to Siberia in late […]

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