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Around the World – In Pictures

Around the world in pictures – featuring a G.C. Cansler Version of “Be Thou My Vision”.    

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The Long Way Home…

Home. I’ve been calling this trip the long way home since my sister and I decided to go to New Zealand and I decided to, well, take the long way home.  Referring to my trip as the long way home really got me thinking about what home really is…because I need to be very honest, […]

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Trans-Mongolian Railway, Pt. 1

The Trans-Mongolian Railway. An epic train journey.  Aside from my chosen route of cutting across Mongolia, this is essentially the more traditional Trans-Siberan train route connecting Europe with the far east. 6 days of total train travel to go the almost 8,000K from Beijing to Moscow. If a person really wanted to explore Europe and […]

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