I have always been distracted by the thought that I could be doing more good each day. No matter my job or daily tasks, many days I just felt like I could either offer more to the world or contribute a bit more of something. As I began planning my next adventure, I realized I wanted to take time give something back with this trip - to make this a Journey of Good.


My idea was to do something to give more than just what I may give in time or money along the way - and I wanted to set a standard for future travels. I started what I called Journeys of Good and for a 25 dollar or more donation, I sent a post card from the country I was in at the time of donation.  I purchased postcards, wrote a message and mailed it directly to the person who donated.  It was very simple - you give, an organization received a you received a personal gift from a beautiful part of the world.


I chose to donate all proceeds to a place whose efforts support peace, love, respect and general greatness in the world - Magnolia Grove Monastery.


Over four months and through 15 donations from around the world, 650 dollars was raised.


Thank you to everyone who donated and I look froward to updating and making Journeys of Good a more permanent part of this site - and perhaps other travel blogs in the near future.

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