Are you a non-profit?

No.  Right now you are literally giving to me, personally, and trusting I will donate this money to Magnolia Grove.



Yes.  I thought of this idea a bit too late to start an official company, whether it be a non-profit or for profit.  (A not for profit can take up to 7 – 9 months to get all of the legal stuff done…)  So right now, you are donating to receive a thoughtful post card and trusting that I am honest and will donate your gift to Magnolia Grove.


Ok…Love the idea but I like proof…how do I know they will get my money?

I will hold myself accountable by tracking on this site how much is raised and promise to post a blog post, pictures and more than likely a video of me hand delivering the check to Magnolia Grove around the first of January 2013.  And don’t worry – I’ve informed them of my idea and plans to raise funds to support their wonderful efforts so they will hold me accountable as well.


What if I don’t get a post card?

I’ll be taking a picture of each postcard before I send and if you do not receive one, just let me know.  I’ll send another and the picture of the original.  I realize the mail in some of the countries may be a bit…underdeveloped…and that postcards are easier to lose.  It is possible a few will not make to their final destinations so I will do my best to make up for any cards which are not received.


What is the future of Journeys of Good – since you mention more tools you hope to create?

Right now, this is a simple idea using a shopping cart on a website.  I have a lot of other ideas for where this can go to be a wonderful tool for others to JOG – and to be able to JOG whether you are traveling or not.  But I plan to think a lot more about that with each postcard I send during this initial trip.  I do hope to create something cool for others to use in the near future and will post those ideas to my site and journeys of good.com.


If this is just a shopping cart, aren’t there credit card fees?

Yes.  And just like the expense for postcards, I’ll be covering the .30 cents and percentage of each transaction I’m charged for your credit card donations.


I kind of want to JOG – how could I embark on a Journey of Good?

I would love to hear from others who are interested in this idea.  Just contact me and as interest grows, I’ll let you know when we plan to release the easy way for others to JOG for the causes they love.

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