Welcome to the most exciting, informative and fun travel, food and life blog on the internet!  I mean it, get excited. May as well enjoy what you are doing so its a good idea to enjoy this reading this About page.

That first part sums up the site pretty well – I travel a lot, love food and life and this is my blog where I share stories of my life’s Journey.  I’ve been called Chef Grant a few times in my professional life so I post a bit about food, wine and recipes at times as well – so its not all travel or thoughtful life posts. I do love taking pictures and making videos so there is a lot of that on here as well.

Quite simply, I am a person who is enjoying life, feeling happy and decided to share my journey on this blog.

Like most everyone on the globe, I have not always been as happy as this page implies.  There have been some rough spots and low points on my Journey and where I think it is important, I’ll share these stories and what I have learned through the lens of change as transformation.  It was change in my life and a personal transformation which inspired me to begin sharing my journey. I believe if I have learned something which may lead someone else to a happier path, I think it is important to share those ideas and stories as well.

Here we go – this is my site to tell my story and share this Journey with you.

I hope you enjoy following my journey as much as I enjoy sharing it.

Links to get you started

Pandolfi’s – Here is where they called me chef – 

Pandolfi’s press links – WARNING – the camera added approximately 35 pounds and about 8 – 10 inches of hair in the video links…


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