Laredo y Tejas

In an earlier post I alluded to weekly business travel to Laredo, Texas.


When thinking about what I could post about Laredo, its been very difficult.  Not one of those if you don’t have anything nice to say moments… … just, there is not much going on down here.  Even for a border town.  So for perspective, the following are my hotel reviews posted to trip advisor after making this trip almost weekly for the past 7 months.  I think they give wonderful insight to the world of Laredo. 

Laredo has their own special Pringles too!


BTW & FYI – Nuevo Laredo, lot of bad press. Its not so bad over there though and great prices on Tequila.


“Best Hotel in Laredo” – Embassy Suites

What makes this the best hotel in Laredo, Texas?

Is it the questionably disturbing wall art? (Pics attached)


Is it the internet which only works sometimes? Never in the bedroom and only sometimes in the front room…it does work very consistently in the hallway and atrium. The internet is so poor you can only think about streaming an Amazon Prime video, for example, because it will never stream…anything…anywhere… #noporn

Perhaps it’s the slow room service – anything over an hour is free #travelertip

Speaking of food, is it the large man in black who staffs the cooked to order egg station every other day under cooking eggs to order or ignoring your order totally and cooking what he thinks you should have? Undercooked egg white scramble is some of his best work. You want fried hard eggs? Here are some soupy yolks. I guess he just cooks what he wants or what he thinks you actually want…#fastisnotappetizing (He just doesn’t care. At All.)

Maybe its because they have free, CHEAP, booze at the nightly managers reception rather than the beer and wine only options you get at the #2 and #3 hotels in Laredo. (I think the manager took away the bar tenders tip jar, you should still tip.) #momoneymobooze

I will say they are not #1 for attention to detail – its “clean” #datedproperty

Its not the gym – or the lack of a free pass to Golds Gym you get from #2 and #3 – the gym offerings they do have are better than #2 or #3 even though some of the equipment is not fully operational. #runoutside

Is it the free Wall Street journal? Nah, the only free Wallstreet Journal is a day old. You can read a couple other bastions of news the day they are published for free – the USA Today or Laredo Times. #betterlatethannever?

The people who work there – except for the large man cooking eggs – are kind. After 3 months of staying weekly the front desk knows my name at check in and I’ve been on a first name basis with bartender since week 2. #customerservice #momoneymobooze

Speaking of customer service, being a Hhonors member you get a little welcome gift in your room and sometimes you get more than 2 bottles of water and a bag of pretzels. Sometimes you get 2 snickers too. Unless they didn’t really want you to have 2 snickers. What do I mean? Once I checked in, changed to workout and get dinner and when I left I had the big gift on my table – water, pretzels and snickers – When I returned, to my shock and really caloric delight, the snickers had been taken from the room… #notakebacks

(Sometimes you get nothing too, like this week…no water, no pretzels, no welcome back note with gods blessing and this smiley “=)” and certainly no snickers…I see where we stand Embassy Suites – your note this week said #suckit.)

The Embassy Suites is #1 because even considering these points, they are better than #2 and #3. I guess the cheap nightly booze helps you forget about all of the potential negatives anyway – until you wake up hung over and cannot get the right eggs to fix that same hangover before work.

Then again, that’s why Laredo has Taco Palenque. #fact


#2 – The Residence Inn

This is the second best hotel in Laredo. Why not worse after considering the level of cleanliness in general at the property? The lobby is pretty nice. Lots of tile and a very kitchsy Mexico feel. They have a great lighted sign board in the lobby announcing that nights meal too – “Mexican Hot Dogs” or “Spaghetti & Meatballs” – which is wonderfully bright. You will never forget the offerings since they burn directly into your retina. Take note traveler, free food is cheap food which is consistently not good food.

The Residence Inn is #2 because Robert seems like a great manger of this and the #3 property and because you can get a golds gym pass for free for your stay. Which you need after downing Mexican hot dogs and miller light during the nightly meal.

Mexican Hot Dogs

#3 – The Homewood Suites

Third best hotel in Laredo. I know people who love this place and stay here weekly. For me, it was just not a good fit. Low ceilings, dated rooms and that carpet, Whoa.

Do not go to Mexico, come back with a “treat” and use this “treat” at the hotel…Seriously. Do not do psychedelic drugs if staying here. That carpet is wild, man.

#3 because you get a gym pass to golds gym for your stay if you ask. And its owned by the same group who owns #2 and they seem nice, just need to replace that carpet.

I love Laredo

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3 Responses to “Laredo y Tejas”

  1. Debb
    June 6, 2014 at 1:42 am #

    I am glad you are moving on to Kentucky for your next assignment! Love your reviews for the hotels. Grant you have great insight!!!

  2. Rob Swenson
    June 6, 2014 at 2:36 am #

    So how many Mexican hot dogs did you eat? That effects the gravity of your food review.

    • June 13, 2014 at 2:36 pm #

      Full Disclosure – I did not eat one Mexican Hot Dog. Based on breakfast alone, I knew the night food would be sub par…

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