When you survive something many people think should kill a person – those who love you share many opinions.

Land Rover Discovery

People tell you that you are blessed.


People say your guardian angles saved your life.

Guardian Angels

That this was an experience – nothing more, nothing less.  No need to take this to mean something significant in your life.


You are here for a greater purpose to have survived this accident.

Who Wants to Change the World

I flipped my land rover when I dozed off driving home.  It is that simple of a story.  Two seconds of sleep and two seconds later I’m bouncing off the concrete divider protecting the Kansas City downtown airport from those of us trying to nap on the highway while we head home.  The worst of my injuries…? Seat belt bruises and a nasty burn on my left shoulder when that part of my body was scrapping the road as the Rover flipped.

Shoulder Burn

Blessed, angels and a greater purpose…? I’m just going to say lucky.


It’s a week after the accident and I feel lucky.

I do feel lucky to have survived.

As I replay the accident over and over in my mind, I feel even luckier to be alive.

Life – something I love to explore through travel – is pretty much my favoriate thing.

And when I consider my life, Blissed is the best word to describe my state of living before, during and after this accident.


But, this was just an accident.

I didn’t pull myself out of the car with new abilities – although I told my sister I felt like I was going to be a much better dancer after this -nor did an epiphany of purpose form in my mind to lead me to greater greats. It was just that, an experience.

I am lucky though that the way my mind works, I feel that this experience reminded me of the angels in my life.  How I am blessed to have wonderful people I call friends and a family full of good friends.  Blessed that this experience can reaffirm the idea of purpose…and how it is important to do something I may not do often enough –

Tell those of you I love, those who I know love me, that I do love you too.


To the angels in my life who have blessed me before, during and after this experience with your kind words of love, support, well wishes and the simple, “I’m glad you are ok dude” messages – I love you too.  I love your hugs, your kind loving words and your presence in my life.

In the end…I am blessed.

And I do have guardian angels.

As for that that greater purpose thing…Pretty sure this sums it up – To love and share that love not just with those who love me but in all I do…that is not a bad “purpose” to have in this life.

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3 Responses to “Blissed”

  1. Debbie Cansler
    May 23, 2013 at 12:07 pm #

    I love you Grant! Mom:)

  2. Larry Blosser
    May 23, 2013 at 3:31 pm #

    Great reflections and u r one lucky dude! Hope to see u soon. Uncle Daddy

  3. Marcel Brown
    September 11, 2013 at 3:16 pm #

    Yo man this is a really cool site. Inspirational and visually dope. Sharing that story is pretty awesome! Keep in touch sir! God Bless.

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