Hardcore Nepal!

*Warning – this post contains explicit language and footage of Grant in a wetsuit – Enjoy*


Ram (Climbing Guide & Instructor) – Move your left foot to your left elbow…and there is a good hand hold on your right.  Push with your left foot.

Grant (Learning to Rock Climb) – Ok! (Slightly screamed in a shaky voice)

(Grants Mind) – Ok, you want me to put my left foot where my left elbow currently is, push off from there while holding on to a piece of rock with 3 fingers…because the goddamn finger hold you told me about is the size of 2 quarters.  No problem you skinny son of a bitch.  Glad this is the first time I’ve climbed a rock.

Ram – Your left foot. By the elbow!

Grant – Ok…oh shit…Jesus tits Ram are you fucking serious! (Shaky voice and screaming again.)

Ram – Yes, foot by elbow.  Good hand hold on the right.

Grant – Tighter on the rope!  (Yelled really loud.)

(Grants Mind) – Goddamn it.  Why am I hanging on this rock…I can just take pictures of all of this and be the groups historian…I’ll pay a couple hundred bucks to do that, these are cool people…Wonder if they would want pizza tonight…I can make them a really cool video too…I don’t need to climb any higher over this overhang…AHHHHHHH – G.C. Get your shit together dude. Breathe. Do this.  You can climb the rock…you really can.

At this point I do put my foot by my elbow and push. I hold on to the right hand hold with the 3 finger tips which will fit there and as I begin to steady myself I wonder when I’m going to fall. That is what usually happens and I’ve learned I’m pretty good at dangling off the rope.  When I realize I’m standing and its time to think about the next move and where I should currently put my right foot, I begin to wonder if the feeling will return to my right hand.  I also start to think about why the leg I just used to push my body up four feet is shaking like I’m doing an Elvis Presley impersonation, on Meth.

Grants Mind – Goddamn sewing machine leg won’t stop…Pizza is soooo good…Just breathe and put a little more pressure on your toes…

This does relax it a bit and the leg calms.

Santos (Climbing assistant), from above – My friend, now place your right foot near your left knee and your left foot by your right shoulder and your left hand can be down by your right knee to push off.  Jump a little and then there are good holds in the crack.

Grant – Fuck you Santos.

Santos – It’s ok my friend. (He is smiling really big, kind of laughing.  He is 21 years old, maybe 5 feet tall and probably weighs 80 pounds.  He just walks up rocks.)

Grant’s Mind – Just jump.  You are attached to a rope.  Every limb of your body is shaking and you have no clue what Santos just said and he probably didn’t even say what you think you heard.  Jump and see if it looks cool…The rope will catch you if you fall and if you hold on to something, might look cool…

At this point I would usually try to make a move and in doing so, fall off the rock.

But I always got back on the rock.

And I climbed back to where I was when I fell to try it again.

Sometimes the route was failure.  There were routes I couldn’t climb.  Sometimes my arms just burned too much to hold on or to do another pull up.  There were a few times I might have been belayed pretty tight.  Not sure if I was pulled up a touch or if a tight rope just gave me added confidence to make a move.  I’m sure it was a little of both – I like to think it just gave confidence but I might have been given a couple inches of help here and there as well.

Learning to rock climb in Nepal was one of the best experiences I have had this entire journey.


Well, I learned to climb.  I learned to Belay, Lead Climb, Canyon, Boulder and Tie over 10 knots. I need to practice, a lot, but I have a foundation from which to work to achieve a future goal. That feels really good.

I gained confidence too.  Not just with climbing, but in general.

I also made friends with some wonderful people.  Its fun spending time with good people who want to succeed and want nothing more than to see you succeed as well.

It also kicks ass when you figure out how to put your foot by your elbow, reach, climb and steady yourself for the next move, which takes you to the top.  Its a nice feeling pulling yourself over the ledge and looking down at what you have done – and thinking about how adventurous you want to make the rappel.  (Think is the key word. I would think about an adventurous rappel and go down overly normal – aside from letting the waterfall win while canyoning – enjoy that video.)

I ended two weeks in Nepal with a feeling that I had accomplished something real, which made this a pretty special stop.

Oh yeah, seeing Mount Everest again was pretty cool too :)

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5 Responses to “Hardcore Nepal!”

  1. debbie cansler
    November 15, 2012 at 11:35 am #

    That is a great commentary! I felt like i was there. Great job and believe it or not I would like to give this climbing a good ole Cansler try! Love mom

  2. Charlotte Johnson
    November 15, 2012 at 1:09 pm #

    OMG, Grant! It’s 6:30 am and I’m sitting here laughing my butt off! Definitely, one of your funniest posts! I’ve never climbed, but did a lot of repelling when I was working with DYS. The first time I repelled, I remember thinking,”What the fuck am I doing hanging my butt over this cliff?” But what a feeling of accomplishment when I finally got up the nerve to go down the cliff. We used to take the kids on a monthly “ropes course”. Unbelievable the fears that were confronted, the tears that were shed from the past and the feelings of “If I can do this, I can do anything!” Thanks so much for sharing. What a great way to start my day with the kids I work with. I love you so much. Stay safe!

  3. Joel Cansler
    November 15, 2012 at 1:54 pm #

    Grant, I’m so glad you enjoyed mountain climbing….. but, just so you’ll know, I don’t think climbing is in the cards for me…. at least not in this particular [current] lifetime anyway. Proud of you young man! ~Happy Pappy

  4. Jeanie Groves-Short
    November 15, 2012 at 2:26 pm #

    Your documentary is worthy of the National Geograpic channel! Looked dangerously exilarating! Thanks for the exciting share! Wow!

  5. August 8, 2013 at 6:57 pm #

    Namaste Grant!! We just found your amazing blog. Thanks for featuring Ram Chandra and your amazing climbing and canyoning adventures here. We hope you will come and visit us again at Hardcore Nepal. Happy travels! From Sandra and team at Hardcore Nepal

    Ram Chandra says “Big Namaste Brother! “

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