One thing I love about larger Asian cities is the controlled chaos in which they operate.  No where else in the world can thousands of cars, tens of thousands of motor bikes and a few million pedestrians work together and get somewhere.  Even if you need to drive on the sidewalks, closed roads or into incoming traffic – you do it and it just seems to work.

Additionally, in a city like Bangkok you can do and find whatever you like.  For example, you can dine in a fine restaurant, tour a grand or sacred temple and then go see a lady boy show.  (You can do more than see the show too if that is your style…so I’ve heard…)  This diversity is one thing that makes this a great city.

Thailand is “vacation #1” on my long way home adventure and we spent only three days in Bangkok – the vacation portion is a week in Koh Samui.  We decided during this time to indulge in the food, focus on the temples, buddhas and city walks over say, hanging out with the Lady Boys.  It was an excellent decision and a perfect way to spend three days in this city.

For pictures, today I offer an entire slide show to highlight the beauty found in the city and its most popular places.

Travel Tips

Did you know the king goes to the Grand Palace some days and it will only be open after 1pm…No, you didn’t? Well, thats the deal today.  May as well get in a Tuk Tuk and check out some factories and other temples.  Oh yeah, and do not pay more than 40 Bhat for the service.

Its all a big lie.

You can go to the palace anytime – it opens at 8.30am.

The Tuk Tuks are a fun way to get around but you cannot go anywhere without them trying to take you to a suit shop, jewelry store – wherever they can get some backsheesh from the owners. (Supposedly its about gas and it may be, but I’m not 100% on what they get.)  I think its fun to do once or twice but it gets old saying no to buying stuff.  It is a cheap way to get around the city so I recommend it, just be ready to say no to a custom suit or some new jewelry.  The cabs will try to pull the same thing if you give them a chance or they try to offer you a cheaper fare but just enforce that they use the meter. I found the cabs to be a pretty cheap way of bouncing around the city once you find a dude willing to use the meter.

As for the city – China Town is a great area to walk around and try some street eats.  There is a lot going on all day and night in that area and its worth checking out.

A cruise on a water taxi is a must do as well, great for pictures.

Night is magical in Bangkok. The lights and decorations seem endless and it is a beautiful time to explore or splurge, and hit up a swank bar on a high floor of a fancy hotel.  The vistas are amazing.

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  1. Mom
    October 5, 2012 at 12:23 pm #

    GC that is just beautiful! i love all of the bright colors and textures. It truly is magical. Thanks again for such a wonderful post. love mom

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