California Road Trip

In January, I neglected to post this to the blog and only posted to YouTube – so here is a wonderful video recap of our 2014 New Years “Bougie” Road ...

Drunk LUV

Its not often I talk about the weekly business travel I now do each week. For the most part, its pretty uneventful trips to Laredo, Texas from Kansas City for ...

Personal Journal – 13 “RTW” Reflections

This time last year I was bouncing around the roads of Bhutan with Namgay and Tobgay. Namgay taught me about an American song I may never listen to again titled ...

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Hardcore Nepal!

*Warning – this post contains explicit language and footage of Grant in ...

A Witness to Death

Two hours into a 30 hour train journey from Chengdu to Lijiang ...

Doubtful Sound

I am very fortunate to have seen many beautiful places on this ...

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Laredo y Tejas

In an earlier post I alluded to weekly business travel to Laredo, Texas. When thinking about what I could post about Laredo, its been very difficult.  Not one of those if you don’t have anything nice to say moments… … just, there is not much going on down here.  Even for a border town.  So […]

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Thich Nhat Hanh Retreat – A Photo Essay

A powerful retreat whose theme was “Healing Yourself is Healing the World”.  This is a story best told with pictures.  

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Dear Hertz – An Open Letter

**UPDATE** Big Thank You to Hertz for taking time to research and address the concerns I noted in the letter I posted. In the end, we used a few points, had the right amount of money credited and 100 dollars in coupons to use on future rentals have been provided.  G.C. is once again a […]

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Bienvenidos Cancun!

Yes, it is true. The entire Cansler family went to Cancun.   Cancun is very different from my usual travel spots -and it was an incredible time. It was great family time and we experienced everything from the beach to huge margaritas and for dad and I, a time share sales presentation.  (We did not […]

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Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival

Before I flipped the Rover, I actually did a bit of travel which had not made it to the blog. Today, we go to Iowa. My good buddy Greg called me one cold Missouri February day as I was busy studying for the Foreign Service Officer test, (i.e. playing Sudoku on my iPad mini…), and […]

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When you survive something many people think should kill a person – those who love you share many opinions. People tell you that you are blessed. People say your guardian angles saved your life. That this was an experience – nothing more, nothing less.  No need to take this to mean something significant in your […]

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Parmesan Baked Oysters

Here is a blast from the past – Chef Grant on T.V. doing a recipe for Valentines Day.  Like I say on the About page, the camera added about 35 pounds and 10 inches of hair… However, this recipe is awesome.  It was inspired by a year of weekly travel to New Orleans where its […]

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Around the World – In Pictures

Around the world in pictures – featuring a G.C. Cansler Version of “Be Thou My Vision”.    

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‘Round The World Q&A

As a person – especially as an American – who took extended time to travel around the world, you get a lot of questions.  From friends and family at home of course but also from those on the road.  There are not many Americans out there quitting good jobs, leaving houses, cars, friends, comforts…leaving “home”…to […]

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The Long Way Home…

Home. I’ve been calling this trip the long way home since my sister and I decided to go to New Zealand and I decided to, well, take the long way home.  Referring to my trip as the long way home really got me thinking about what home really is…because I need to be very honest, […]

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